Venues 2018

Nicola Spirig Kids Cup Karte 2017 Bülach ZH Bern BE St. Moritz GR Sarnen OW Balsthal SO Schaffhausen SH

The flyer for the Nicola Spirig Kids Cup 2018 is now available to print out.


Bulach ZH, 2nd of June 2018 


Balsthal SO, 9th of June 2018 


Sarnen OW, 16th of June 2018 


Bern BE, 23rd of June 2018


St.Moritz GR, 4th of August 2018 


Vevey VD, 26th of August 2018 


Locarno TI, 1rst of September 2018 


Schaffhausen SH, 9th of September 2018 


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